CFE Senior Fellow David Hutton featured in important CBC coverage of whistleblowing

CFE’s David Hutton was featured prominently in CBC's excellent recent coverage of whistleblowing. The National profiled former federal civil servant Sylvie Therrien, fired for exposing the government’s pressure on fraud investigators to disentitle legitimate EI claimants.

Therrien’s experience is detailed in a follow-up article on the CBC website. In it, Hutton speaks about the failure of federal whistleblower protection procedures, and CFE’s investigation of whether those failures allowed the Phoenix public service pay system debacle to happen. 

As well, CBC’s Investigative news segment, Go Public, had a Labour Day Special exploring what it's like to be a workplace whistleblower. The 54 minute special features various prominent whistleblowing cases and how these people feel about speaking out and standing up for what they feel is right.

“In my mind this is perhaps the most intelligent, in-depth and sympathetic coverage of whistleblowing by Canadian media that I've seen in the past decade,” said James L. Turk, Director of Ryerson’s Centre for Free Expression.