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Expressive Freedom at Our Universities and Our Moral Obligations
June 1, 2021 by Carolyn Sale

Everything is connected, as they say. 

The University of Alberta has been in the news recently for its partnerships with Chinese researchers. Globe and Mail article in early May suggested that partnerships with China in the areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence might be a national security concern.

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Marcellus Turner and Carla Graebner join CFE Working Group on Intellectual Freedom
June 1, 2021

Marcellus Turner, CEO and Chief Librarian at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, and Carla Graebner, Data Services and Government Information Librarian at Simon Fraser University, are the newest members of the Centre for Free Expression Working Group on Intellectual Freedom.

Turner spent the past ten years as the Executive Director and Chief Librarian at The Seattle Public Library in Seattle, Washington which, in 2020 under his leadership, was awarded the prestigious 2020 Library of the Year by Gale/Library Journal. 

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Welcome to the Centre for Free Expression

The Centre for Free Expression at Ryerson University is a hub for public education, research and advocacy on free expression and the public’s right to know. Our work is undertaken in collaboration with academic and community-based organizations across Canada and internationally.