COVID-19 update from the Centre for Free Expression

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the Centre for Free Expression is suspending all its public panels and its film series for March and April. At the end of April, we will assess the situation on the advice of public health authorities and make a further announcement.

The staff of the Centre will be working from home during this period. You can always reach us at

Although our public events are suspended, we will continue to make information and discussion of issues available through our website ( and social media.  These will include new posts on the CFE Blog, publications in our Occasional Paper Seriesnews reports and commentariesrelated to freedom of expression, updates to our bibliographies, as well as additions to our other online resources.

In this time of physical isolation for containment purposes, it is important that we retain our compassion for others and that we stay connected to our community and each other in different ways. 

Best regards,

James L. Turk