Artistic Expression

The Issue

Artistic expression is currently being endangered by the fragmentation of society into increasingly inward-focused social groupings that reject alternative perspectives and questions to their taken-for-granted reality. 

Why It Matters

Artistic expression has been a principal way in which the most important aspects of our common humanity have come to be understood and communicated. 

Our Work

The Centre for Free Expression engages the public in dialogue about the importance of artistic expression and supports artists when there are attempts to restrict or suppress their work. The Centre is particularly interested in how social media contributes to the fragmentation of society and the chilling of artistic expression.


Blog Post

Have we Lost the Plot with Polanski?

Roman Polanksi’s back in the news again, this time because of the 12 César Academy nominations he received for his latest film, 

By Ummni Khan

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Can we please keep the speculative fiction out of censorship discussions?

What is and what isn’t censorship? It’s hard for me to believe this discussion is even necessary at this particular moment in history. 

By John Degen

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If I Support a Cause, Must I Fight for It on Social Media?

The last time I actually marched in a protest was a Toronto Day of Action organized in resistance to Ontario’s “Common Sense Revolution” back in the 90s.

By John Degen

Blog Post

Back to Anti-racist Basics after the Gerald Stanley “Verdict”

I was at work last week on a quite different blog for the Ryerson CFE when a jury of Gerald Stanley’s peers (or is it settler clones?), seven women and five men none of whom were “visibly Indigenou

By Len Findlay

Blog Post

Can I Support Free Expression Without Being Conned by #FreeSpeech?

Debate around free expression today is fraught with confusion about true intentions and genuine meanings.

By John Degen