BCCLA’s Latoya Farrell Joins CFE Advisory Board

The Centre for Free Expression is pleased to announce that Latoya Farrell, Staff Counsel for policy for the BC Civil Liberties Association, has joined the CFE Advisory Board. 

Farrell graduated from the University of Saskatchewan – College of Law. focusing on Human Rights and Criminal Justice. Having previously worked as a Multicultural Liaison with the Fort McMurray Catholic School District, she also served as a volunteer Youth Coordinator with the National Black Coalition of Canada, developing youth programs for the African-Canadian community. She is also an accomplished artist. 

“We are delighted that Ms. Farrell is joining our advisory board,” said James L. Turk, the CFE’s Director. “Her experience and perspective will be a valuable addition to our board and our work.”

Turk also expressed appreciation for Micheal Vonn, one of the original members of the CFE Advisory Board who is stepping down. “Micheal played a remarkable role as Policy Director for the BCCLA and was an invaluable member of the CFE Advisory Board. She is continuing her important work as Executive Director of the PHS Community Services Society in Vancouver.”