Toronto Open Smart Cities Forum



The Toronto Open Smart Cities Forum was created by the Centre for Free Expression to assist the public in responding to proposed and existing networked forms of urbanism like Sidewalk Toronto. 

Any member of the public is welcome to  share the resources the CFE creates for the Forum. This includes documents and analysispublic panel discussions, and colloquia as the Sidewalk Toronto process continues. 

The purpose of these resources is to help inform and educate residents affected by networked urbanist forms of smart cities like Sidewalk Toronto and others who are interested in open smart city solutions. To find more information about the Centre’s work on smart cities, click here.


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Past Event

CFE Virtual Forum Series: The Smart City in a Digital World

Panelists: Nabeel Ahmed, Tracey Lauriault, Vincent Mosco

Moderator: Andrew Clement

Past Event

CFE Virtual Forum Series: Pandemics and Civil Liberties

Panelists: Brenda McPhail, Stephanie Perrin, Renu Mandhane, Tim McSorley

Moderator: James L. Turk

Past Event

Is Privacy Possible in the proposed Sidewalk Toronto or any “Smart City”?

Google-affiliate Sidewalk Labs is selling a vision of a “smart city” future for a section of Toronto’s port lands.

Past Event

On Toronto’s Waterfront: Whose Money, Land and Power?

Who determines what happens on Toronto's waterfront? How can waterfront development be inclusive and democratic?