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The Toronto Open Smart Cities Forum was created by the Centre for Free Expression to assist the public in responding to proposed and existing networked forms of urbanism like Sidewalk Toronto. 

Any member of the public is welcome to  share the resources the CFE creates for the Forum. This includes documents and analysispublic panel discussions, and colloquia as the Sidewalk Toronto process continues. 

The purpose of these resources is to help inform and educate residents affected by networked urbanist forms of smart cities like Sidewalk Toronto and others who are interested in open smart city solutions. To find more information about the Centre’s work on smart cities, click here.


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At the intersection of democracy, transit and Sidewalk Toronto

By Milan Gokhale - March 4, 2019 - To solve Toronto transit cuts, we urgently require more democracy. Sidewalk Toronto is taking us in the opposite direction.


We’re not done talking about Privacy in the Smart City

By Brenda McPhail and Nabeel Ahmed - January 24, 2019 - Since Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto announced their agreement to develop a plan for a Quayside smart city project, privacy concerns have been a big part of the conversation.


The waterfront toronto crisis: what are the options?

By Nabeel Ahmed and Mariana Valverde - December 7, 2018 - On Wednesday, Ontario’s Auditor General (AG) released her annual report in which she highlighted a series of serious internal governance issues facing Waterfront Toronto (WT). Most crucially for the future of the Quayside smart city development, the report concluded that WT entered into an agreement with Sidewalk Labs “without sufficient due diligence and provincial involvement”.


Questions to Consider Heading Into Sidewalk Toronto’s Fourth Public Meeting Tomorrow

By Bianca Wylie and Melissa Goldstein - December 7, 2018 - Since the start of the Sidewalk Toronto project, community members have been creating a running list of questions for the Sidewalk Toronto project team.  Many of them remain unanswered. 


Untangling Quayside & Sidewalk Toronto – Updates and Narratives

By Nabeel Ahmed - December 3, 2018 - As 2018 comes to a close, there has been a tremendous amount of activity in Toronto on the smart city front. This post provides a recap of some of this activity (including updates to the timing and process), identifies four narratives about the smart city that need to be examined closely, and looks ahead to what is coming up and how Torontonians are talking about alternative urban futures.