CFE Whistleblowing Initiatives


The Centre aims to accomplish, in partnership with others, the following objectives:

  • Establish Canada as an international leader in whistleblowing theory and practice;
  • Facilitate adoption of best-in-class whistleblowing laws and regulations federally, provincially, and municipally along with compatible institutional policies and practices in the public and private sectors that:

o Provide real protection;

o Cover all workers in both the public and private sectors;

o Are designed for transparency and continuing improvement (through effective measurement, reporting, monitoring, and oversight);

Key Initiatives

Awareness Raising

  • Through public educational events, our website, social media, and an email newsletter to promote an informed understanding of the importance of whistleblowers for public and private sector organizational effectiveness and for the health of our democratic society;
  • Create and distribute public educational materials about how whistleblowing benefits the public;
  • Assist the media with finding and reporting stories about whistleblowers.

Whistleblower Assistance Program

  • Launch in 2020-21 a secure information and assistance service for both those considering and engaged in public-interest whistleblowing;

Research and Information

  • Publish analyses of existing whistleblowing laws and policies in Canada;
  • Make recommendations for new or improved whistleblowing laws and policies based on research and international best practices;
  • Conduct benchmarking research in Canada (modeled on Australian research) on organizational practices with respect whistleblowing in both the public and private sectors;
  • Study the work whistleblowing NGOs in other countries (such as the UK, Ireland, and Australia) to glean insights for Canada;
  • Support government reviews of existing whistleblower protection laws and assist in those reviews;
  • Serve as a resource centre for information about whistleblowing and Canadian whistleblowers;
  • Assist Ryerson University Archives is setting up Canada’s National Whistleblowing Archives that will be a repository for the records of the major Canadian whistleblowers.

National Network

  • Systematically identify and contact potential allies including NGOs, unions, academia and businesses to create a national network to support the work of the CFEWI.

International Network

  • The Centre for Free Expression is the Canadian member organization of the Whistleblowing International Network – the international network of whistleblowing NGOs.

CFEWI Steering Committee

CFE's work on whistleblowing is guided by the CFE Whistleblowing Initiatives (CFEWI) Steering Committee.



2022 Peter Bryce Prize for Whistleblowing

Announcement & Presentation

2022 Winner: Janet Merlo


Janet Merlo wins 2022 Peter Bryce Prize

Toronto - At a virtual ceremony today, Janet Merlo was awarded the 2022 Peter Bryce Prize by the Ce

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2022 Peter Bryce Prize for Whistleblowing

Announcement & Presentation of 2022 Award


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