BPC Bulletin: Supreme Court of Canada Rules on Two Ontario Defamation Cases

News Reports and Commentary Selected by Franklin Carter of the Book and Periodical Council’s Freedom of Expression Committee.


The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled on two different defamation lawsuits: 1704604 Ontario Ltd. v. Pointes Protection Association and Bent v. Platnick.

Both lawsuits originated in Ontario, both disputes touched on issues of public importance, and both defendants used Ontario’s anti-SLAPP law.

However, only one defendant — Pointes Protection Association — successfully used the anti-SLAPP law.


The Canadian Press reports:

In The Globe and Mail, Sean Fine reports:


At iPolitics, Leslie MacKinnon reports:

In The National, the journal of the Canadian Bar Association, Dale Smith reports:


In the Law Times, Aidan Macnab reports:


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Cara Faith Zwibel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association comments.

Click “SLAPPing Down Incursions on Free Expression” September 9, 2020:



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