BPC Bulletin: Free Speech and Canadian Reticence

News Reports and Commentary Selected by Franklin Carter of the Book and Periodical Council’s Freedom of Expression Committee.


Canada is the fifth-best democracy in the world,1 but only a fifth of all Canadians are comfortable expressing their political opinions in public.2 Why?

In the Toronto Star, Steve Paikin writes:
Canada’s free-speech deficit may be holding our democracy back | The Star

On The Agenda, TV Ontario’s public affairs show, host Steve Paikin interviews four guests:

  • Michael Coren, an ordained cleric in the Anglican Church
  • Jonathan Kay, a Quillette editor and writer
  • Irshad Manji, the founder of Moral Courage College
  • Shree Paradkar, a Toronto Star columnist

Video length: 34 minutes

How Much Free Speech do Canadians Want? | TVO.org


1. The Democracy Index 2020. It is prepared by The Economist’s Intelligence Unit. See Canada's democracy is growing stronger as world weakens: report | CTV News and the Web link to the report.

2. Public Square Research in partnership with Maru/Blue and TV Ontario. They surveyed 1,500 Canadians in February 2021.

Thanks go to Sandy Crawley who forwarded the newspaper story.


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