Government & Corporate Transparency

The Issue

Canadians’ right of access to information held by governments and public agencies is embarrassingly inadequate. Internationally, the quality of our access to information law ranks 59th out of 102 countries. The implementation of the law makes matters even worse – often imposing excessive delays, high costs, and significant censorship.  Even more limited is the public’s right of access to information about the decisions and practices of the corporate sector that increasingly shape every aspect of our lives.

Why It Matters

Healthy democracy depends on an informed public with ready access to the information it needs to engage in effective political decision-making.

Our Work

The Centre for Free Expression works to promote greater government and corporate transparency through public education and advocacy for better right to know laws and practices. 



Supreme Court Grants CFE Leave to Intervene in Public Interest Standing Case

The Supreme Court of Canada has granted the Centre for Free Expression leave to intervene in its consideration of an important upcoming 

August 17, 2021


New CFE Report: It’s Time for Change! 206 Recommendations for Reforms to Canada’s Access to Information Act

Canada’s Access to Information Act was adopted more than 35 years ago and has aged badly.

August 9, 2021


Right to Information Alliance Canada

The Right to Information Alliance Canada (RTIAC) is network of organizations dedicated to helping advance the advocacy of access and transparency issues by member organizations individually and collectively. 

Blog Post

Avoiding Accountability by Misusing Public Agencies: Metrolinx as Example

Many community groups are debating and challenging transit plans by Metrolinx, the powerful Ontario agency created to supplant municipalities in Southern Ontario.

By Mariana Valverde