The Issue

Disinformation, deliberately misleading and inaccurate information, undermines public’s ability to make informed decisions as much as the more frequently discussed practices of censorship and government and corporate secrecy.  Although forged documents, government propaganda, deceptive advertising and other forms of disinformation are not new, current information technologies make it much easier to deceive the public.

Why It Matters

When people are misled, they make decisions that can cause them personal harm, whether financially, physically or emotionally, and can seriously subvert democratic decision-making.

Our Work

The Centre for Free Expression examines the nature, use and effects of disinformation to influence public opinion and personal choice. It fosters public discussion and education regarding information literacy and ways to achieve a more effective regulatory system.


Blog Post

Mein Trumpf: From the New Deal to The Art of the Deal, and On to the Abyss?

In the final days of 2016, the small island nation of Cuba mourned the passing of a political giant.

By Len Findlay

Blog Post

Intellectuals, Disinformation and Repression

Events of early 2017 in Canada and the US raised once again the question: why are Islamic people so often subjected to discrimination, repression and violence in our societies and abroad?

By Jon Thompson

Blog Post

Climate Change Information and Disinformation

Disinformation, claims of competing economic imperatives and an inadequately informed public account for why governments have not acted effectively in response to the grave dangers posed by climate

By Jon Thompson

Blog Post

Calling Out Fake News without Suppressing Expression. Can it be done?

In January, perhaps reacting to some of the more interesting “alternative facts” stories emerging from the United States, Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly tweeted the following:

By John Degen

Blog Post

A Word worth a Thousand Pictures

Many people understand that humanity and the planetary ecosystem are at grave risk from nuclear weapons and climate change. But many more are only dimly aware or worse, ignore or deny these risks.

By Jon Thompson