Artistic Expression

The Issue

Artistic expression is currently being endangered by the fragmentation of society into increasingly inward-focused social groupings that reject alternative perspectives and questions to their taken-for-granted reality. 

Why It Matters

Artistic expression has been a principal way in which the most important aspects of our common humanity have come to be understood and communicated. 

Our Work

The Centre for Free Expression engages the public in dialogue about the importance of artistic expression and supports artists when there are attempts to restrict or suppress their work. The Centre is particularly interested in how social media contributes to the fragmentation of society and the chilling of artistic expression.


Blog Post

Cultural Appropriation in Coldplay’s “Hymn For the Weekend” Video: An Orgasmic Defence

As a Brown woman, I have experienced some harassment over the years.

By Ummni Khan

Blog Post

Piracy, Copyright & Censorship: A Call for Clarity

When I lived in London as a young man, I spent a great deal of time at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, listening to all of the many and varied voices with their many and varied opinions.

By John Degen