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Past Event November 23, 2021

Your Truth, My Truth: Can Journalism Survive the Merger of Fact and Experience?


CFE Virtual Forum Series:

Journalism is often described as a “discipline of verification.” Journalists pride themselves on parsing facts from allegations but is that possible now when many expect journalists to respect sources’ life experiences? Join our panel in examining how journalism should deal with the complex interplay of fact, truth, and experience.

Co-sponsors: Edmonton Public Library, Milton Public Library, Thunder Bay Public Library, Toronto Public Library, Vancouver Public Library


  • Esther Enkin, former Ombudsman for CBC/Radio-Canada; immediate past president, Organization of News Ombudsmen and Standards Editors
  • Viviane Fairbank, Montreal-based writer and editor; formerly head of research at The Walrus
  • David McKie, Deputy Managing Editor, the National Observer; teaches journalism at Carleton, University of King’s College, & Ryerson


  • Ivor Shapiro, Professor Emeritus and former Chair, Ryerson School of Journalism; Senior Fellow, Centre for Free Expression

Zoom link to event

This is a free event and no registration is required.

Please contact if you require accommodation to ensure inclusion in this event.