Is Privacy Possible in the proposed Sidewalk Toronto or any “Smart City”?

Is Privacy Possible in the proposed Sidewalk Toronto or any “Smart City”?

Podcast (2:01:06)

Wednesday January 22, 2020 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Ryerson University
Room 103, Rogers Communications Centre
80 Gould Street
Toronto, Ontario

Google-affiliate Sidewalk Labs is selling a vision of a “smart city” future for a section of Toronto’s port lands. It would use the area as a testing ground for new technologies – in homes, businesses, and public spaces. What will that mean for those who will live or work there? What data will be collected? Who will have access to it? How will it be governed? How will basic human rights and civil liberties be protected? We will start our discussion of these larger issues by looking at how they relate to a key technology that is part of the Sidewalk Toronto proposal – the home and office building management systems.

Join a panel of experts who have looked carefully at these questions and will share options for our future.


  • Andrew Clement, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto and Co-founder, Identity Privacy and Security Institute (IPSI)
  • Natasha Tusikov, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, York University, Author of Chokepoints: Global Private Regulation on the Internet


  • Brenda McPhail, Director - Privacy, Technology and Surveillance Project for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association


This is a free event and no registration is required.

Please contact if you require accommodation to ensure inclusion in this event.